The Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park has 36.000 ha of protected area and is declared Reserve of the Biosphere by the UNESCO. This extension reaches the coast and thus becomes one of the very few spots in the Mediterranean the are still free of urbanism and mass tourism. This, combined to its rich flora, fauna and singular and wonderful landscapes, makes the Cabo de Gata area a must destination for those who are looking for the essence of the Mediterranean in its purest form, from Rambla de Retamar until Mesa Roldán.

Descubrid el Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata – Níjar…

The area of the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park has a semi-arid climate that is unique in Europe, which contributes to a very rich and protected flora and fauna: its crystal-clear waters are home to a sea bed rich in Posidonia Oceanica, fish, molluscs, crabs… You can discover this endemic natural wealth practicing snorkelling and diving in spots such as Arrecife de las Sirenas, amongst others.

Out of the water, reptiles and birds inhabit the whole area of Cabo de Gata, specially in Las Salinas area. Do not hesitate to spend some time exploring this area while hiking, cycling or horse riding, through the western villages, the Sorbas gypsum karsts, the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse or the Almeria capital city.

The nearly 50 km of cliff-shaped coast of the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park are of great geological importance due to its volcanic origin. They form peculiar and spectacular landscapes, where you can see lava flows, domes and fossil beaches. It is also worth visiting the Albardinal botanical garden, in Valle de Rodalquilar, and Salinas del Cabo de Gata.

Some of the best-known beaches are Los Muertos (in Carboneras), as well as the Mónsul and Genoveses beaches in San José, and the Agua Amarga cove, where Las Calas Hotel is located.

You will also have the chance to discover about a hundred unexplored coves where to can get lost, such as San Pedro, Enmedio and Carnaje coves, and spectacular volcanic cliffs and reefs such as Punta de los Muertos and Mesa Roldán. The perfect plan consists on visiting the Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park and discover yourselves the charm of each of the towns located there, both inland the on the coast.


Agua Amarga is a small fishing village with less than 350 residents. In the last decades it has become a destination for many visitors who are looking for the beauty of its beaches, the friendliness of its people and the sense of tranquillity that makes this place special.

Light and sea

Its beach of fine sand and barely 700 metres long has a blue flag and is surrounded by two mountains.

This Almerian town still keeps its typical architecture of whitewashed white facades, as clear as its waters. On both sides of the Agua Amarga cove you will find other countless small virgin coves.

Plomo Cove (Agua Amarga)


This large and rocky cove is located only 3 km from Agua Amarga, and its rocks become fine sand as we get closer to the water, therefore it is a perfect cove to go with children.

Enmedio Cove (Agua Amarga)


If you really yearn for tranquillity, from the parking lot of Plomo Cove you can walk 1’5 km until reaching the Enmedio Cove, which can only be reached by boat or on foot.

Carboneras Mineral Loading Dock


Located between Agua Amarga and Mesa Roldán, in this beautiful place we find the old mineral loading dock. It was used from the end of the 19th century to 1942, when the iron that had been extracted from the Lucainena mines was loaded to the ships that then transported it to the blast furnaces of the mining companies.

It is part of the human and industrial heritage of the current Cabo de Gata – Níjar Natural Park, which includes mills, cisterns, salting factories that date back to the Phoenician period, volcanic cobblestone workshops… This proves how the industrial activity and natural preservation are compatible in this natural environment.
Calle Desagüe, 1, 04149
Agua Amarga, Almería
Tel.- 950 13 80 16

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